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My philosophy to training or working with anyone is to take into consideration each person’s lifestyle, stressors and motivators. Lifestyle is what you do during the day, how your body moves repeatedly with work and daily activities. Stressors are unique, they can be emotional or physical and both have a significant affect on our health. Lastly, motivators are what gets you going. Are you a morning person who likes to wake up and get moving right away? Are you someone who likes to feel a burn or take it slow and precise? What are your goals and how are we going to get you there? Not one style fits all.


Pilates is unique in that anyone can do it.

You don’t need a special set of skills prior to starting. It can be tailored to the most competitive and athletic person or to an 80 year old who just wants to keep moving. I’ve trained both. Pilates’ focus of alignment is second to none and it’s philosophy of mind body connection and breath make it an overall well rounded workout. You don’t need to supplement with other trainings....unless you want to! There are over thousands of exercises you can do on the mat and the specialized equipment. It’s fun, challenging and you will feel invigorated afterwards not exhausted. Virtual training sessions also available. Contact me to find out more.

I offer one on one and small groups of two and three.


Massage is the key to heal and keep things moving.

There are so many different forms of bodywork out there but mine is unique in that I use my movement background and knowledge. I take into consideration all of the above mentioned unique aspects of client’s lives and focus on mobility in all my massages. Pilates combined with massage is a great combination. Getting regular body work can make a world of difference in how you move, how you feel and how you recover.

I offer one hour and hour and a half massages.


Considering a career in pilates?

Pilates Sports Center teacher training is one of the most comprehensive trainings in the industry. Pilates is a great supplement to those already in health and wellness careers or others who are looking to have a healthy career and lifestyle. Get a hands on approach in a small group setting, learn basic anatomy, biomechanics and the philosophy and history of Pilates plus much more.


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