I love to travel and used to live in Australia and Mexico as a kid, I speak Spanish.

You can often find me both dancing and cooking in my kitchen.  

I am an education junkie, with over 1000 hours in workshops, CEC hours and too many books to count.  

Sci-Fi and Super hero movies are my guilty pleasure. I have two boys so we watch all the Marvel and DC movies. 

I used to work for Dreamworks animation before finding my love of Pilates. I also had a job in publishing.

My parent's were teachers and I swore I would never become a teacher as a child, but now here I am teaching. 

I love what I do and geek out about the body and it's wonderful systems daily, an attribute I can't tell if my clients either love or find a bit quirky. 

Iā€™m very tall but never played sports growing up. I danced and did gymnastics as a kid.

My grandmother lived to 95 healthy and happy, I hope to do the same.  Many years to go....