I have been a Pilates instructor since 2004.  I started with Pilates as a way to ease stress, get in shape and help a chronic low back problem.  What I found after a year of doing Pilates, is that my desk job was getting in the way of my health.  That is when I decided to change careers.  Movement is a passion of mine and although Pilates is by far the tool I use the most, I have studied and taken classes in Yoga, Mindfulness meditation, Qigong, Structural Integration, Ashiatsu as well as becoming a Pilates Master Trainer, Burn at the Barre Master Trainer and massage therapist. I incorporate whatever makes sense and works the best for my clients.  My instruction is filled with interesting and creative exercises while keeping focus on that mind body connection.  As a daughter of two teachers, I love to share my education and knowledge taking the approach of teaching others rather than using route instruction and routines. I embarked on a journey into Bodywork because I thought I could help my clients more if I could also use massage as a tool. Many of my clients get to experience a unique combination of my skills, they like to call it Malates (Ma-la-tees) a combination of Pilates and massage. But most of all, I think that movement should bring you joy and I like to be playful while teaching my clients how to be more efficient and productive in their workouts and overall movement patterns.  

In my spare time, I am busy cooking and looking for new healthy recipes.  I love to eat and talk about food.  I believe in whole body health that incorporates mindfulness not just in my studio but also in my daily life. I also write frequently, fiction and non fiction, but lately mostly musing of things I have discovered in my life and wellness journey.  I am a mother of two beautiful boys that keep me occupied and remind me everyday that movement is a song, a gift and a joy.  

Please check back here for blogs, posts, musing and resources.  We'll see you soon!