Pilates Teacher Training Course

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Pilates Teacher Training Course

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This 450 + hour Comprehensive Course includes:

Limited class size to ensure a high level of attention and service. A fully photographic Manual will be provided to you for the course or module(s) you will attend.

Fundamental Pilates principals and philosophies

Client assessment and alignment protocol

Anatomy and biomechanics taught using visual aids in an interactive environment

Pilates Mat Repertoire

Reformer Repertoire

Cadillac/Trapeze Table Repertoire

Wunda/Combo Chair Repertoire

Ladder Barrel / Small Barrel / Spine Corrector

Pilates Props skills utilizing the jump board, magic circle, rotating discs, balance/ wobble board, foam rollers, thera bands and balls

Combining Classical and Progressive Pilates styles with modifications and variations

Creative training and program development skills for any level of proficiency

Medical anatomical terminology

Verbal and tactile cueing skills

Attitude, confidence and composure of a professional instructor

Studio etiquette and equipment safety

Ethics and scope of practice

Understanding indications and contraindications for specific injuries/dysfunctions and special circumstances

15+ Hours of review of all material

Graduates of a Comprehensive Program will the meet criteria for, and be prepared to take, the PMA Certification Exam™

No delayed modules, no extra testing fees, no levels, no delay in your education

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